Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Silly Little Custom of Raising Windshield Wipers Before Snow:
. . . and why you should be doing it! 
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So, it's an old trend but recently seems to be picking up steam (or frost!).

You pull into a parking lot or drive by your neighbor's house and the friendly wave of a windshield wiper can appear puzzling at first. Looking like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, the crooked slither of rubber and metal are gently raised- A sign of bad weather to come.

But what purpose does it serve, and does it work?

When it snows- ESPECIALLY here in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic temperatures are often hovering around the freezing mark. At 32 degrees, precipitation comes in many forms but more than likely will harden after sitting on your windshield for a few moments.

This creates a solid ice sheet. Something that can do 2 bad things to your car.

1. First, the ice can wreak havoc on your wipers. Your wiper blades are made from rubber and the freezing, expansion, and ultimate attempts you make to run wipers on high speed to break them loose  can cause small tears and rips in the rubber. This shortens the life of your wipers and will cause premature wear. Even if no visible damage can be seen- small rips and tears will form and grow as time passes.

2. The 2nd reason is the actual cleaning of the windsheild.  Forgetting your opinion of a short wiper life, cleaning a free and open windshield is much easier than having to maneuver a ice scraper around the wiper blades (if you hit them it could cause more damage!).

Personally, I always thought the trend looked silly and was a waste of time. But I tried it once and was convinced raising the wipers is a quick and easy tip to save work and money in the future.

So go ahead- let Old Man Winter know you appreciate his good work and give him the ole' wiper salute. Who knows, maybe it is as effective as inside out pajamas in bringing us a good snow day!

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