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The Silly Little Custom of Raising Windshield Wipers Before Snow: . . . and why you should be doing it! 
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So, it's an old trend but recently seems to be picking up steam (or frost!).

You pull into a parking lot or drive by your neighbor's house and the friendly wave of a windshield wiper can appear puzzling at first. Looking like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, the crooked slither of rubber and metal are gently raised- A sign of bad weather to come.

But what purpose does it serve, and does it work?

When it snows- ESPECIALLY here in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic temperatures are often hovering around the freezing mark. At 32 degrees, precipitation comes in many forms but more than likely will harden after sitting on your windshield for a few moments.

This creates a solid ice sheet. Something that can do 2 bad things to your car.

1. First, the ice can wreak havoc on your wipers. Your wiper blades are made from rubber and the freezing, expansion, and ul…