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The Mid-Atlantic Nor'Easter, and why the time AFTER can be so dangerous

February 21, 2019  Regular Homeowner Advice for those in the Mid-Atlantic by:

Washington, D.C. Congratulations! You survived another Nor'Easter. If you've spent any time living in the Mid-Atlantic you are familiar with this term and what comes with it. 

For outsiders (especially those from areas like Buffalo, NY)- a Nor'Easter is just another time to let us know how much snow you had growing up and to question why cities from D.C. to Philly shut down for a "measly 6'"!

However, if you are from the Mid-Atlantic area (like us here at EFynch), you know it is so much more.

It's wintry mix! It's snow, it's rain, it's ice-  the weather people don't know what is coming. In fact, as I stood outside in yesterday's event there were a handful of times I even asked- what is this?. . . and that is in real time. . .  standing outside. . .

The fact remains, it's a frozen "something" that is unclassifiable. It coats streets in …

DIY: Reduce your energy bill by 10%, TODAY! For Free!

January 22, 2019

EFynch: Mid Atlantic Homeowner Advice

Upper Marlboro, MD: As we face another Polar Vortex here in Maryland/ D.C., you might hear the groans from EFynch faithful because we all know what to expect in upcoming heating bills.

Well, there is a partial solution and it is actually older than the modern home itself. You can do it. . . right now. .. . . . and it probably will not cost you more than a few calories in our 3 step process.

STEP 1: Throw your blankets aside, get out of bed and stand up

STEP 2: Walk to you window (refrain from yelling obscenities at Old Man Winter, with the leaves off the trees, sound travels).

STEP 3: Close your curtains

.  .  .  that's it.

Did you know that your home heating system can use up to 70% of your winter energy requirements? We all know that lowering the thermostat can help (consider this as a potential "Step 4") but the simple act of closing your curtains helps to keep in heat and out the cold. The thicker your curtains the …

The 5 Home Improvement Sites you didn't know existing (and how they hurt the industry)

My name is Teris, I am contractor but I am also the founder of EFynch is a Baltimore based, community job board. I created EFynch because of the alternatives that I tried within my own personal business (yes, EFynch is a "I could make a better ____" business). I explain the "other sites" below because there are a few traps you could avoid. These are so big- I actually created EFynch as a "logic based" alternative (meaning, it uses the hiring process I use in property management).

Many sites that you see advertised online are actually advertising sites themselves. They are modern "yellow pages"- with no emphasis being on "modern" (eg. their antiquated). Home improvement is basically a Freelance Economy, but not sites really revolutionized how you hire- they are just band aids.

So, what does Home Improvement Have? You've seen the cheezy commercials, but from my personal experience this is what is "behind the curtain…