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Last minute gift ideas for that DIY Homeowner in your life-

By Teris Pantazes of

Looking for a GREAT gift for the new homeowner, soon-to-be-homebuyer, or handyman in your life? Last minute crunch?

We asked some of our professional contractors and hobbyist what they would put on a list- here are the top responses:

1. Oscillating Saw:
This saw is not that common but is incredibly useful. It is basically a blade on the front end of a spear that vibrates incredibly fast in order to cut wood, trim, stripped, rusty nails, even that angry little nub that is left behind when you cut wood to fast and the last bit splits off. It's really awesome! A decent Oscillating saw starts around $60 and can go up from there. I have a 12v Milwaukee (pictured below) which was $80 and it has never failed me. You can also get attachments to make this a compact sander. Once in a toolbox, your loved handyman will wonder how they ever lived without this.

2. Heat Gun:  Like a hairdryer but hotter and more cooler. A heat gun will dry paint (or strip it), cure …

How Frost Can Tell You That It's Time To Insulate

Insulation and roof tips for homeowners AND something to look out for when buying a home. The 3 minute test that can save you a few hundred dollars.

(Baltimore, MD/ When I bought my first home, it was brand new. A "top-notch" builder's grade that I knew had a few areas in need for improvement. As a homeowner, I am a sucker for energy efficiency- almost making a game out of how low I can get my energy bills. I've admittedly bought into a few items that didn't have the promised payback however, I chalk that up as experience that I can share with you.

Over the next day or two (and probably throughout the winter), we will have what I call "snowlitts". These are small, cover the grass with slush kind of storms that excite school kids but never cancel schools (#FITF). Although mostly a short conversation or quick mention, these overlooked snow events can help you in a big way.

When a light snow, sleet, or even a hard freeze occurs- there is a trick …