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You cannot afford to have a dirty DRYER VENT!

Possibly the most overlooked home maintenance issue I find is your dryer vent. It is very easy to forget this annual service but can have a pretty big impact if ignored for too long.

We remember to clean the lint trip after each load but what about the little dust bunnies that escape the dryer but don't quite get to freedom? There is a pipe that connects your dryer to the outside air and is needed to let heat escape and keep lint out from back-flowing into your home.

Here are our top (and pretty strong) reasons to keep this chore on the top of your fall checklist:

1. SAFETY: Over 15,000 fires each year are started because of dryers. 80% of these are reported to be from heat buildup in dryer vents. Lint and/ or animal nests can collect in your vent and cause this hazard.

2. AIR QUALITY: It is hard to argue a risk of fire one minute then mold in another however, for dryers this is a real problem. When clogged, the dryer releases enough hot air to dry trapped lint close to the appli…

Prep Your Veggie Garden For Winter: Enjoy benefits next summer.

Baltimore, MD: As we approach winter and I picked my final veggies from the summer stock, it is a good time to develop the game plan for winter. Know when to clear out your garden and do "prep" work prior to the next growing season.

Here are a few easy steps to put your summer vegetable garden to bed for the winter season:

1. Remove all annual plants after they have completed harvest: Pull them up by the roots - do not just "cut". Surprisingly, dying vegetation can host bacteria and disease that can stunt next year's growth. Leaving your plants in place do not act as compost instead, you risk them rotting and stunting next year's harvest.

2. Wait until the first good frost, then cut or prune perennials back.

3. Lightly till the ground. This exposes some of the fungus/ bacteria and will ultimately kill it.

4. Consider adding a finished compost to the dirt prior to tilling.

4. Keep fall foliage clear from the area and make sure to not let leaves gather/ rot…