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Baltimore Home Improvement Startup Named one of the 19 sites to watch!

Image a Baltimore based website for handymen, home owners, sellers, realtors, and other home improvement enthusiast, has been named one of the top 19 startup websites for 2018.

Being on the list is an honor for EFynch because their unique approach to home improvement is a new model that can save both home owners and contractors time and money when it comes to meeting, organizing, and even performing home improvement work.

The top 19 list was published by FitSmallBusiness and can be found here.
Top 19 Startup Websites

Gutters- They're not just for Autumn!

Baltimore, MD: When we think of gutter cleaning, Autumn is the time of year that comes up most. During this time, all neighborhoods are a buzz with the sound of ladders because leaves are falling and it is an obvious reminder.

However, last month I had the pleasure of speaking with an EFynch homeowner that had roof damage. We spoke about several roof related topics and after hearing her problems, curiosity got the best of me and I offered to check the gutters. What I found on the roof was clear evidence that probably lead to 80% of the problems she was experiencing.

We clean our gutters every fall but sometime in mid-late spring, every homeowner should really have someone provide a quick inspection and clean if needed. It will save you in the long run.

Here is why:

During the winter, limbs and sticks often fall from dormant trees, snowfall, etc. When lodged in your gutters, they can easily go unnoticed and over time will collect debris and literally dam the gutters. This is just as ba…

Maryland Winters; How to survive the annoying 3" snowstorm!



Baltimore, MD (  Last week we were relaxing and reaching for the mid 60's.  Friday blew that out the door and tonight. . . SNOW! 

Of course, not just any snow. Here is comes, another 3" spit of a storm that is only good for wreaking havoc on morning commutes. Adults are expected to go to work, kids are at home and we get one last kick from another MARYLAND WINTER!

But, relax- This is all part of the Master Plan where you, as a responsible homeowner, can utilize the terrible weather to check and inspect your home. With a little planning, these little storms can be nothing more than an opportunity for tan enjoyable view during your morning coffee (be careful on sidewalks- the guy in the first pic was not!). 

When weather like this hits- a regularly maintained home can handle it with ease. In fact we are going to share our advice for prepping and a few things to observe that may gaug…

Wind, Trees, and Your Home: What to do when damage occurs during a storm.

Information from With some information provided by Long & Foster Insurance.
Timonium, MD: Last week, the winds indeed hit 60+mph in most places. As a smart home owner, you already took note the tips we posted in our checklist of items
However, what should you do when the worst happens, as too many people experienced last week? With more storms in the forecast and several trees weakened by the events last week- here is some more info on what do do after a home emergency occurs:
What do we do next? 
1. Make sure all people on the property are safe and accounting for. Keep the area clear even though you may want to check it out. Downed trees do have a risk of "self righting" because of root structure that may still be intact. They can also roll or shift so it is important for EVERYONE to clear the area and stay a safe distance away. 
***If you cannot clear the area or if someone is trapped, call 9-1-1 immediately. ***
2. If comfortable, survey the area…


Baltimore, MD: The National Weather Service has issued a High Wind Warning for all of Maryland starting on Thursday, March 1 until Saturday, March 3.
Winds are expected to gust up to 60mph and can cause loose debris, minor damage to homes, roof leaking.
Coastal flooding is likely.
The official statement can be seen here. 

At, we take the trust in home maintenance advice very seriously. We understand that most of the time when a warning like this comes out, the normal reaction is to take note and go on. However, based on years of property management experience, I can tell you that when things go south, they do so quickly. High winds are often overlooked but they can really cause damage to a home and cost money. Below are a few quick tips that we recommend you do as soon as possible. This will help insure yourself against damage and reduce your liability should something take flight from your property and cause damage elsewhere.
Because the ground is saturated with recent rain a…