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How To Handle A Project Gone Wrong- What to do when a Pro doesn't perform.

Baltimore, MD: At EFynch, we are doing out best to give all homeowners and homebuyers the tools to properly locate, and research the contractors they want to hire*. Too many other sources online only give you the "advertised choice", and asking for a recommendation on neighborhood websites does not guarantee you are getting non-biased results (a growing problem).

However, even with the toughest verification procedures, you can find online, there is still the chance that a hired Pro or Handyman may not meet your expectations. Problems happen, humans are humans, and sometimes things just don't "click".

So, here is our advice when something goes wrong:

Step 1: Document and mention the issue to the contractor/ handyman as soon as possible. In addition to carpentry skills, a home improvement project is equal parts logistics and identifying any issue that must be remedied as early as possible will help.

----- SIDE NOTE -----
*If handled properly, clearly, and calmly, it …

Maryland Realtors can once again refer licensed Contractors and Handymen in Baltimore (new service)

Baltimore, MD: Starting in 2011 and amended several times since then, Maryland Realtors have been unable to refer home improvement contractors (handymen) unless they followed a strict set of protocols prior to, and during the course of the referrals. 

These set of rules have inhibited many Realtors in providing the full service and discuss past experiences that help many Maryland Homeowners and Homebuyers. Can you imagine asking for handyman and your Realtor responding with "sorry, I can't tell you who I know?". This has caused a lot of anguish in the community. . .

Until now. . .

Baltimore Startup and App (Web, iPhone, Android) EFynch has come up with a solution and is currently testing the system with Long & Foster as an approved vendor in the Home Service Division.

EFynch initially launched in October 2016 and after several strategy sessions with L&F Team Members in Chantilly, Virginia, the group developed a product that not only helps Real Estate Agents refer…

10+ Immediate Actions to Prevent House Fires- A simple guide for new AND experienced Homeowners

Home Fire Safet; Tips from EFynch
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A house fire is a tragedy. No matter how large or small, they effect our very sense of security.

In high school, I was a junior volunteer firefighter. During this time I was only able to help on 1 active housefire but it changes my life. It was Christmas Day 1997 and I still remember seeing the family in tears as their entire home was obliterated by the time we arrived. It is a sight you never forget and never want to see again.

Below we've compiled a quick list of fire prevention actions you can take TODAY. This is not a complete list but, in our opinions, they are the items that if you have not already completed- should be handled with urgency.

Maintenance/ Actions:

1. Test Smoke Detectors and change batteries twice per year (daylight savings), replace complete units every 10 years.

2. Clean and inspect your Chimney and Fireplace once per year (even gas).

3. Clean dryer vents AT LEAST once per year. HVAC ducts should be cleaned at least once …

Change your clocks- CHECK YOUR BATTERIES. Save a life w/ SMOKE DETECTORS

When we burn dinner and the alarm goes off, we act instantly waving towels and blankets but, what happens if it were to remain silent? We should treat a quiet detector as important as a buzzing one.  U.S. Fire Deaths have decreased in the past 10 years and now cities like our hometown of Baltimore have programs that give away and install FREE smoke and CO2 detectors (click here for more info). Yet, last December many of us had to fight back tears when we read about a fire that killed 2 children just days before Christmas.  Then in January- a TRAGIC story was told of 6 children dying in a single house fire. 

I don't want to feed you more stories but, I don't want to spout off "fire death statistics" treating each of these cases as a number. 

As a Father I can only recommend we swallow the lump in our throats and take the inititive to help our families and neighbors.

Please join me in spreading the word:- November 5th, 2017 is daylight savings. 

Change your clocks/ Check y…

What makes Tree change their color? Why are they sometimes dull?

Do you ever wonder what makes leaves change color in Autumn? What about why some years they are bright,  others. . . not so much- We explain this actualy simple reason below: 
Every fall we marvel at the bright colors. This change signals the “most satisfying season” according to psychological studies but some years the “marvel” is less than others.

First, why do leaves change? (*non-technical) The intensity of leaf color in the fall is mostly due to weather patterns throughout the summer and early fall. A good “growing season” with ample moisture, and plenty of sunlight make for a healthy tree (thus brighter color potential). Drastic changes, drought, and other weather patterns can effect the tree’s health causing a blander leaf in the fall. Once the tree starts changing (September), the tree is in an especially sensitive period.

The Red/Orange/ Yellow colored chemicals are actually in the leaf all summer. However, they are hidden behind the green color we see (Chlorophyll). The tree sto…