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August Home Maintenance Tip From EFynch.

Baltimore, MD: August is a light month for maintenance. It is hot, dry, and who wants to work outside! but there is one VERY important item. Besides the list of homeowner tips from EFynch- we HIGHLY recommend that you use this month to start thinking about winter and different tasks that, if performed now, can save you money and scheduling stress as Autumn is just around the corner.

1. Take a walk around your home and think about winter. 

- Is your driveway properly sealed?
- Do you need to have your deck redone?
- Gutters/ Roof in good shape (gutter guards)?

Now is NOT yet the time for furnace work (wait until next month), but as we approach autumn, some of the specialized services might begin closing out their schedules for the season (eg. driveway sealers). It might be a good idea to get a jump on this work to beat the rush and avoid paying Peak Pricing.

Other tasks to take on this month:

1. Change your air filters:

Should be completed every few months. Good and quick task to tackle d…

Fans: You spin it right round. . . save energy in any season

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Baltimore, MD: Fans are one of life's pleasures. Any homeowner will tell you that a fan installation is a seriously great upgrade. They help so many of us sleep at night, keep cool in the summer, and can reduce your energy bills  significantly when used properly.

But, did you know you home ceiling fan works in 2 directions? Did you know you should change it depending on the season? Do you know if your fan is spinning in the right direction and when moving right, can reduce your cooling/ heating bills by 40%?

Below is the proper direction to spin, and when to switch:

Heat rises. So, in the summer, the air near your ceiling is warm and the lower you go (eg. your basement), the cooler it gets. This means that (in theory), the air below your waist is colder than above. Legs are not usually "hot" and when you want to cool you body- you want t…