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The terrible LED Light Bulb "Flicker": How to get rid of it.

Information distributed by Teris Pantazes, Co-Founder of and based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

LED bulbs are great. They use a minimal amount of energy and last forever. But then again, sometimes they aren't so great. . . like when you develop the LED FLICKER!

I was unaware of the "flicker" until recently. Living in a new home (older home, but new to us neighborhood), we were still in the phase of getting used to the nuances of the place when my family and I suddenly noticed an older lamp that was recreating a nightmare version of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Show (nothing says Christmas like a laser show).

Of course this impromptu show was cause for concern. So, after unplugging the lamp to prevent what might have been the lamp's final act- I did my research and actually found the reason to be very simple.


Older, non- dimmable LED are made from a small, single light "pod" inside of a traditional lightbulb housing.  Unlike tradi…

The Easy Fall DIY Project that will save you hundreds this winter.

By: Home Improvement; Managed Like a Pro!

It's Fall, nice outside, and we have a DIY Home Project that is:

(1) incredibly easy- 1 to 2 hours
(2) cheap to perform -under $20
(3) can save you a few hundred dollars
(4) you cannot cause any damage if you mess it up?

The task?

Caulk your windows!

Now, before you scratch your head and hit the "back" button, hear us out.

You walls are hollow. You might have insulation, but there are still plenty of open cavities that are a superhighway for cold air, dust, bugs, pollen, etc.  Don't believe us, touch one of your exterior walls on an extremely hot/ cold day and you will realize what we mean, especially around your windows (*technical reasoning below).

Heating your home can account for 40% of your winter energy bill usage. Therefore any amount of cold air that is prevented from coming in, can quickly add up to savings- so this can be a quick and easy task that really pays off.

And Seriously. . . it is a really hard …

September Home Maintenance ideas from EFynch

It's Back to School Month! Below are monthly maintenance tips from EFynch: Baltimore and D.C. home improvement community for homeowners and handymen.
Baltimore MD: September is the unofficial start of Fall but temperatures in Baltimore and D.C.  can still climb over 90 degrees. Because of this, homeowners should remain in "summer mode" however, we also recommend thinking ahead to this winter and starting prep work.

Your air condition is going to be giving it's last push of the season but hopefully we will have a few nights where windows can be opened for some well deserved fresh air.

It is important to start thinking about Winter and September is a good time to begin planning. Tasks and home services that are "summer only" projects might be hard to schedule as the season's change so let's get a jump start on those.

Below is a list that EFynch has put together to help you stay on track with your home maintenance plans. We put this list out every month…