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Worth The Read: The Paint Every Homeowner Should Have.

(BALTIMORE, MD) I know the fact I got you to click on this story should be triumph enough. It's hard to get jazzed over a paint color but if you own a home this is something you need to consider. 

To most, Eggshell white is just “white paint”- but to those in the know; Eggshell White is the standard for rental properties or the basic “I will get to it later” room paint. It is durable, readily available and does not look cheap like flat paint often does.

This basic white is used in everywhere from dorm rooms, basements, new homes, apartment building and probably in your office building right now. You will even find it in restaurants, dining rooms, and foyers within some of the most extravagant homes in the U.S.

There reasons for this (and why you should always have a gallon on hand):

- It is textured and hides imperfections.
- It does not fade and repainting can be done partially (not entire room).
- It virtually matches joint compound so the missed spot from your last DIY will be …