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Regular Homeowner Disaster Preparedness: Simple lessons from a prepper for everyday families.

(Baltimore, MD)- After watching Hurricane Harvey rip through Texas (still ongoing as I write), it is reminder of the simple steps we can take at home to protect our families. Although the Mid-Atlantic has not experienced a storm of this magnitude, we have to remember  30"+ snowstorms that leave even the heardiest of adventures stuck for a few days.

You do not need to be a "prepper" in order to prepare. Having a storm or natural disaster plan is simply responsible and we want to help make it easy.

1. Have supplies
2. Have a Plan
3. Stay Informed

Below is a list of items we recommend. We broke this into 2 categories then discuss the benefits of "staying informed". The first are necessary and not having this in your home AT ALL TIMES is simple irresponsible.  The 2nd are items will make life at home easier and help you in the worst of times.


Absolutely Necessary Items:
 - Prepare this as a kit. Have set aside in your home at all times, only to …

EFynch Escrow- the Protection and Security that helps you.

(updated 4/28/2018)

Explanation of EFynch Escrow- simplified.

(Baltimore, MD)- The EFynch Escrow system is based on years of experience in contracting.

There is no additional costs for homeowners to use system and although sometimes credit card fees apply, contractors have included all fees already in bid you received.  If you are told otherwise please contact us immediately- this is against our contractor terms of service and is false.

*** We recommend using the Escrow System for ALL transactions *** For projects not in the EFynch Escrow, we are VERY limited on the assistance we can supply shoudl something go wrong.***
The EFynch Escrow works as follows:

1. After hiring, use your credit card, paypal, or venmo to post the funds.

2. The funds are held in a 3rd party escrow. They are fully refundable if you are not 100% satisfied. Funds are still under your control and are never released until you agree to doing so.

3. By putting up the funds early, this acts as a natural motivator for th…

Hello September- Autumn Ideas for home Maintenance.

Baltimore, Maryland: As we approach Autumn our attention will undoubtedly turn from summer fun back to regular business. Fall is one of my favorite times of year because the days are cooler, football is on TV, and everything just seems to feel "cozy".

Although you may not have a pumpkin latte yet, September is a great time to start thinking about early fall maintenance which can save you time and trouble later in the season. Working on some items now can save you from the "Late Autumn Rush".

Here are some of our recommendations for early fall Home Improvement Projects:


1. Inspect your driveway: Winter is the HARDEST time on your driveway. Ice can fill in cracks causing them to expand. You cannot seal a driveway or any cracks once the night time temperature drops below 50 degrees. "Crackfill" can be purchased from your local hardware store and is a good DIY project. Asphalt Sealing is something we recommend you hire a pro because it is messy and most…
Baltimore Startup Expanding into D.C.
3,000 members, $250k in savings, and strict privacy features, group expands platform to serve the 3.8m households in B/W Corridor.

Baltimore, MD: When homeowners think of Craigslist most have preconceived notions. Some of these may be positive but very few are comfortable when it comes to the security and reliability the site offers.  Baltimore based Startup/ Platform, is offering a product for those with this concern and it is now available in the entire D.C. Metro Area.

By taking a more structured but still open approach to the popular Trading Post, EFynch has several user features that include competitive bid collection with a strict privacy policy. "EFynch privately connects a homeowner with the guy in a flannel shirt and truck, or the commercial contractor that has down time between projects. We look for the opportunity and by being the only Home Improvement site offering the full spectrum of options and our homeowners…

Maryland Residential Electricity: What and Why a 3rd Party Energy Contract.

Homeowner and Handyman Tips from EFynch.

Baltimore, MD:  The other day I heard from a homeowner who was approached by a door-to-door salesman "selling electricity". Although this sounds odd and I do not necessarily agree with the tactic, it is indeed possible and legitimate (or possibly legitimate).

Maryland Energy is confusing at first but simple to explain.

Here is the short version (I am using a Baltimore home as the example).

- BGE is your Distributor. They own and maintain the power lines, and handle the payments (sending you a bill, setting up service, etc.). They do not generate any electricity and are a regulated utility. You receive a bill from BGE then BGE distributes those funds to the various entities involved with getting the electricity to your home. Besides maintaining the power lines, they are like the bookkeeper. 

- The Supplier of electricity is NOT BGE- The supplier is also known as the Generator. Historically the Generator had been "Constellation Energ…