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When yelling "TIMBER" should not be required; anchoring your Christmas Tree

(; Baltimore, MD): With a majority of us now preparing to hang the old ornaments on the Christmas Tree, we must never forget the "lucky' few who get to do this job twice!

I'm talking about those unfortunate few who forget to anchor the tree and for some "usually comical reason" get to participate in the lovely task of counting broken Christmas Balls.

It actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. We cut a tree from the very roots which are designed to hold it down. We load it with fixins' and top it with a star to make it EXTRA top heavy (extra points for extravagant tree toppers, right?).

It's no wonder that each year Christmas Trees are responsible for killing countless keepsake ornaments that would otherwise survive entire decades of summer storage.

*On a serious note- A falling tree can be dangerous to your family and has caused injuries in the past. It also creates a fire risk if left unattended (like when you are out trying to …

10 tips for picking the perfect Christmas Tree

Load up the family wagon, grab some twine, and a saw- It is time to  make the annual pilgrimage for. . . THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!

As the mother of all holidays approaches you have to be prepared. After all, what good is a new PlayStation if the tree is not the pinnacle of treedom? the TREE is a signal of absolute perfection and it will make even the dullest tie SHINE.

This is my approach each year as my family dons buffalo check plaid shirts and we take our annual drive just into PA for a LIVE, you-cut-it-Christmas tree. It has served me well for years and, I have been known to keep the tree up well into January.

1. Live, Cut Fresh: There is no better way to insure a tree will last.
2. Measure BEFORE leaving your house: you can always go bigger and trim when you get home but a short tree is not as much fun.
3. Measure your tree stand: Make sure the tree is not too fat!
4. Ignore the bottom 2' of a tree: This area get beaten up by lawnmowers and animals all year- I always buy a tree tha…

Want To Waste $20,000? The maintenance item you forgot that may cost you.

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Baltimore, MD: As we approach winter there is one task that you may have overlooked and it will cost you!  I have personally seen the keenest of home buyers overlook this item only to be bitten a few years later (*often a missed negotiation point when making a home purchase!)


Repaving most driveways can cost at least $5k but they go up from there. It is important to keep up with maintenance and make repairs on an annual basis.

What about seal coating? There is so much horrible information floating around that most well intentioned homeowners follow the wrong advice and never get the full benefit of the effort and money put in.

So, what hurts your driveway to begin with:

The winter! Unless you regularly perform burnouts with your muscle car or …

The New and Improved EFynch Rating System

Online ratings are something which we obsess with. They are something any good homeowner will research and review prior to hiring any handyman. Reviews (and referrals) are extremely important for new homebuyers alike, who, are just getting their "feet wet" in the home ownership lifestyle.

That is why we at EFynch wanted to make something better. Currently, you can find online ratings, reviews, and recommendations from a host of other sites. However, many of these are unchecked, unverified, and often come from conflicting sources. As far as we can tell- 99% of online reviews have not gone through any filtering process (this effects most sites that supposedly post "trusted reviews").

Not to be negative, but this sucks- we wanted to create something better.

The new EFynch Handyman rating system is revolutionary- we promise.

1. Instead of a simple 5 start rating which you can make on anyone listed in that site's directory, we have a 10 point rating system that uses…