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Baltimore Home Improvement deal and how EFynch puts these together.

How EFynch Weekly Deals Help the Homeowner:
By: (Baltimore, MD)

Each week EFynch works hard to bring relevant, money saving deals for our Maryland Homeowner Members.

These deals typically include normal services like:

- Power Washing
- Handyman 3 hour packages
- Gutter Cleaning
- Snow Removal
- Mulch Delivery
- etc.

We also try to provide some unique services which may go overlooked like:

- Mailbox Post Replacement
- Flower and Garden Box Install- coming soon :)
- Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement
- Dryer Vent Cleaning

These are all common things us homeowners need and are things we should consider.

So how do we get these deals?

The truth is we sometimes just “wing it”. For the most part we pay attention to our own homes and speak with our professionals. They recommend services that are starting to trend because of seasonality. These take priority but we also look for unique ideas. What can make your home more enjoyable or something we see on TV that is awesome, but not very common (i.e. th…
*do not be this guy and approach a downed power line.
What to do during power outages: Home Tips from EFynch
Baltimore, Maryland: It is the dead of winter and your power goes out. What are you supposed to do?

Depending on the length that the power is off and the time of day- you should prepare for the worst. Once night falls, weather always tends to worsen plus repair work will move slower. You can expect being without power for the long haul.

In modern times it is hard to think about shelter and surviving but cut the power to your home with a blizzard outside, I promise the primitive concerns we take for granted become front and center. (PLEASE TAKE THIS AS A SERIOUS MESSAGE).

In the event the power is off and you do not foresee an immediate return. We recommend you do the following:

1. Monitor the temperature inside your home. If it goes below 50 degrees, you should immediately perform a “quick winterize”- information on this will be posted soon.

2. If you have not already done so- pr…

Winter Starm Warning for Homeowners- Maryland and Washington D.C. Advice

Hey Fynches!

Here in Baltimore/ Washington we are expecting an old fashion Nor’Easter on Tuesday with accumulations upwards of 12”.  We are not one to panic BUT, a snow this late in winter typically is WET and HEAVY. Forecasters are also expecting strong winds and potential for structural damage, downed trees, and power outages will be present.

Below are some tips that we recommend every homeowner take before Tuesday.

Before the storm, we recommend you do the following:

        - Inspect the underside of your roof (check attic): Any damage or signs of leaking should be treated as an emergency and repaired immediately. Do a visual inspection outside: Gutters, deck, etc.

        - Organize shovels and winter clothing: If you power goes out- sleeping bags, and blankets by the fireplace are key.

        - Cooking: Lighters, bbq grill or camp stove (with full tank of fuel) are useful if power goes out, even if you have a gas stove.

        - Fuel: Make sure your car and any power equipment (gen…

Early March Gardening Tips

Early March (Pre Spring) Guide for Outdoor Planting and Landscaping. By:
Baltimore, Maryland- In the spring, we all tend to turn our focus from the local Handyman and repairs over to Landscaping around your house. Here in Baltimore and Washington D.C. we have certainly started to see glimmers of Spring.

Behold- as I look at the weather forecast there is not one,,, but TWO potential winter storm events in the forecast. One for Friday (3/8/17) and one early next week. We don't know if these will be significant but it does prove the need for us to hold off on planting in our gardens just yet.

For now- here are EFynch recommendations for outdoor related project:

- Mulch Flowerbeds: If no new planting is being considered, go ahead and mulch now. Landscapers are mostly still on "winter rates" and you can save a bundle. In fact- utilize the EFynch Mulch/ landscape Deal which provides Mulch Delivery in Baltimore County for a limited time and as low as $50.

-  Pick up S…