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Energy Efficiency Ideas for Summer: Window Coverings by EFynch Home Improvement App.

The Home Energy Saver We All Overlook:How Window Treatments can reduce your energy bids.
Baltimore, MD- are one of the most overlooked energy monsters in your home. Although great advances have been made with increasing insulation value (yes, insulation is equally important for HOT as it is for COLD), the hot summer sun pummels your windows all day long.

That heat literally turns anything it touches into a radiator which can cause your AC to run constantly as some indoor surfaces can top 130 degrees Fahrenheit!

To battle this, a few years ago I spent time studying Passive Solar. The idea is you design your home to block out the summer sun but let it in during the winter (has to do with shutters and angles, besides the point). In this practice you use certain finishes in your home to capture the right heat .etc. etc.etc. . This is great but, it requires work and planning.

If you are looking for changes that can have an effect right away- tomorrow- literally.

Imagine sitti…

Late Spring Freeze: The Handyman and Homeowner Guide to Protecting Outdoor Landscaping

Late Spring Freeze: The Handyman and Homeowner Guide to Protecting Outdoor Landscaping in Maryland. What the homeowner should do with a late Spring Freeze/ Frost.Baltimore, MD: Tonight (April 7th, 2017) and into Saturday morning, forecasters are calling for freezing temperatures possible throughout Central Maryland*. With the warm weather the past few days, many of us in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. have already begun outdoors landscaping for Spring. With a semi-rare Freeze Watch in place, there are a few measures that homeowners should take to help plants survive.

The issue with a cold freeze and some plants is the inability for vegetable and flowers to withstand freezing water on a cellular level. As we know, when water freezes it expands and can break the sensitive cell structures. For certain plants, this is irreparable damage.

Here is a quick reference on what you can do to prevent damage:

1: Sensitive plants in pots: Bring indoors.

2. Sensitive plants/ bushes/ seedlings in the…

Maryland Ticks and Lyme Disease: A Homeowner Guide to Removing them from the Yard.

How to Prevent/ Rid/ and take care of Ticks.Maryland Tricks for Homeowners
Baltimore, MD: I grew up around farms in Southern Maryland. Ticks were a normal part of life but now in suburban Baltimore (Timonium) I have a growing family and my opinion has changed. The population of Lyme Disease carrying, Deer Tick has exploded and the harmless “Dog Tick” I grew up burning with a match head is nowhere to be found (just my observation).

Because of this, a general concern to rid our yards of Deer Ticks is valid (and recommended). Nearly 2% of Deer Ticks actually carry Lyme Disease in certain areas.

Although not foolproof, here are some quick tips you can take and prevent ticks or tick nests from taking a residence around your yard.

*Ticks love shade, moisture and places to hide. Keep this in mind and do the following to create a tick Hell!

1. Keep grass mowed and cut short: Tall grass is ideal for ticks, mice and other animals. It hold moisture, allows for a place to hide (i.e. mice from prey, …