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What is Fynchnest? How can it help every EFynch Homeowner?

When a Real Estate Agent refers a contractor in Maryland, they actually take on liability and if it turns out the person they recommended is not as "licensed and insured" as they claim, the Agent could be help personally accountable.

This is where the Fynchnest was born.  Last year we spent a few months working with Long and Foster officials in Chantilly, Virginia. The goal was to develop a system n which their Agents would be able to decipher "marketing info" from solid facts.

After working through the details and speaking with multiple experts, we came up with something great! (and it's only the start).

Any EFynch home owner or buyer in the Baltimore Area can use it.

The Fynchnest is a special designation on the Handyman's profile (pictured below). When you see that, the person has gone through a rigorous background check (the kind that actually performs what the ads on tv claim they do).

1. We have a professional, 3rd party research group perform a …

(March, 2018) EFynch Home Maintenance Plans: Month by month guidance on keeping your nest in order.

(Baltimore, MD) The information below is to help area homeowners develop an annual maintenance plan. Published every month, EFynch wants to help you maintain your home, and help home buyers make appropriate plans when deciding on buying a home

Hey Homeowners-
Beware the Ides of March!

Typically, this month gives Baltimore and D.C. Homeowners a taste of spring. The month opens with an average high/ low temperature of 49/29 but closes with highs near 60 and the disappearance of below freezing temps.

However, March typically comes with a few tricks and some of the areas biggest snow storms have roared through leaving us with a slippery mess.

Below are the tips that will help you stay on top:


1. Prep Outdoor Power Equipment.

Beat the rush when everyone needs repairs in April. If you fertilized last year, there is a chance you grass may start growing in the last 2 weeks of the month, at least enough to look patchy). You can get outdoor equipment ready and have plenty of time should r…

Letter to Contractors: Online Home Improvment Sites; and how EFynch is different.

I am a fan of real estate brokers. When selling a house, they meet with inspectors, talk to the title company, etc- they save us time.

But, what I am not a fan of are the current pool of home improvement companies that falsely advertise services in our area and only work to collect a homeowner's data and resell it to us. These guys are not "Brokers".

When I ran my own contracting business, I spent a couple thousand dollars per month on advertising and then one day I noticed a "couple thousand" wasn't enough because national companies were driving up the market.

About that time, I was once approached by a "pay per lead" company and offered to "buy" a solar energy lead for $500. It was really that type of a moment that made me realize that technology is letting our industry down. .  . So I created EFynch.

We are not trying to be a middle man. We are not trying to charge high fees or sign you up for services which you don't understand…

Advice to the Homeseller; How to prep your home for sale in the Baltimore Area.

The information below has been brought to you by We are a non-biased community for homeowners and freelance handymen based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore, MD- For most, a home is the largest asset we have. Yet, I am often shocked by the amount of effort some place in preparing for their homes for hitting the market. Unfortunately, many spend as much time planning for this as they would a weekend camping trip, but we know you are better than that- which is why we put our list of top 10 things to do below.

In speaking with over 100 local real estate agents, here is the advice we can give:

1. Fix what is broken.
Generally speaking, small items might be overlooked but they sit in the back of a buyers mind and can make a difference in the aggressiveness they pursue your home. It is very easy to DIY or hire a handyman for a few hours to fix the little items.

2. De-clutter
 Rule of thumb- 99% of your "available" wall space should be open. 90% of your floor space shoul…

A Real Estate Agent's (quick) guide to

Updated February 6th, 2018 has worked to develop a product specifically for Long & Foster Agents and help in the exchange of information pertaining to Home Improvement.

As you are likely aware, referring a handyman or contractor in the State of Maryland can bring unwanted liability for the Agents. Further, you are required to follow a set of specific steps in providing the contact information which also includes verification and copies of the license with time stamps.

To reduce your exposure to violating this rule, we recommend you keep the information below in mind when using EFynch.

1. In order to use the full protection of EFynch, you must only use contractors that have the Fynchnest Logo on their profiles and only share information through the "share" tab on the website and app.  This is the only guaranteed way to include the required information (licensed, law, links, disclosures).

2. You cannot list project on behalf of your clients. This is a violation o…