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EFynch Usage Tips: No Ratings- what should you do?

(Baltimore, MD)

We built EFynch to be the website for "The Little Man" (as Alan Jackson sang about in 1998, video). A place where the average homeowner can hire the local handyman, who puts their name on both their handshake, and the work being performed.

Ratings are a big part of our system and we are constantly working to improve this system.  EFynch ratings are one of the few online rating systems that are 100% verified. No fake ratings, no paid ratings, no deleted ratings. 

1. How do you rate?  You have to use EFynch Escrow in order to rate a contractor.  Escrow offers both you and the contractor protection and reliability in payment processing, and security. No deposits, no risks, only released when you accept job completion. It is also the only way we verify that only ratings are posted for jobs completed. So EFynch escrow holds each and every contractor accountable-- insist upon it.

2. What if I get a bidder with no ratings?No worries, they're probably j…

How Low Can you Go? The short on Lawn Mowing Heights

By: : Baltimore's Handyman and Homeowner Community

Can mowing to short ruin your yard? Can letting it grow too high become a haven for pests?

The answer to both is YES.

Just like the Goldilocks, you have to find the perfect sweet spot because anything outside the acceptable "norm" is going to be a bear of a problem. One may think that cutting the grass extremely low will extend the time between cuts. Instead, you are actually creating a haven for weeds- which grow quicker and will offset the "extra growing height" you've allotted for.

Why not too short:
A homeowner who mows too short will damage the grass, weakening it's ability to fight off disease, weeds, foot traffic, or the occasional bear skat (or other outdoor animal). When you mow too low, not only do you rip away a majority of the grasses moisture, but you also allow more sunlight and airflow to evaporate and dry the ground. This is bad for grass, good for weeds. Also, when you mow low…

June Homeowner Maintenance Tips: Advice for new and season homeowner to maintain their homes.

Monthly tips by: Property Management for every Homeowner. 

Baltimore MD: Summer is finally upon us. After a full BOATLOAD of rain, we can get back on our monthly maintenance tips. Taking care of your home is important and missed tasks can cause future problems. It is important to stay on top of regular chores in order to prevent problems and that is what we hope you get from our monthly tips.

In case you missed it: Here is a link for our "rainy weekend" ideas. Below is the work for June!

1. Replace Air Filters
Replacing your air filters should be done every 2 months. It is extremely important during the summer to help with pollen. During the humid days, it can also reduce the amount of mold spores that could spread through your duct system.

2. Check Summer Emergency Storm Kit
 Not at intricate as your winter survival kit, summer emergency packs should focus on comfort and safety (whereas winter assumes you might be stuck at home, in summer you are never trapped). …