One Free & Easy Trick You Need To Perform Before Selling Your Home

June 5th, 2019

By: Settle Rite Pre Sale Home Improvement

Arlington, VA: We live in our homes and within the beauty we see, we also recognize the practicality of what it is. Kids toys, keepsakes, and even that water glass from 2 nights ago might be overlooked, but to a potential purchaser it is C-L-U-T-T-E-R!

Every day we live in our rooms and it is easy to see beyond some things that are offensive to others.

When we speak with Realtors, often their toughest pre sale challenge is working with homesellers to de-clutter their homes. They make lists, do a walk through, and often sellers go "back and forth" trying to decide what should be removed vs. what might add character.

Clutter is a huge issue and it not only reduces the number of offers on your home, it will also reduce potential offers value.

Who knew, a snow globe collection might cost your a few thousand $$$?

Well we have a single tip that can help you reduce clutter, live cleaner, and minimize the risk of the …

What is Pre-Sale Home Improvement?

What is Pre-Sale Home Improvement?and how it helps home sellers. . .Arlington, VA: Pre Sale Home Improvement describes the work that is performed on a home prior to the sale/ settlement of your home. In the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Metro areas, when a home is sold (does not include a new construction), the average homeowner performs $5,400 in home improvement repairs and upgrades prior to the sale (*sale is defined as the actual settlement date).

These repairs include (1) market prep (or pre-market), (2) contract contingency, or (3) post home inspection.

Market Prep:
Market prep repairs include upgrades and other items that a home seller believes might increase the value of their home or reduce the time on market. Tasks like painting, landscaping, and repairing worn or dated items are often performed during this period of the pre-sale home improvement process. They are jobs that will increase the marketability of a home once it is placed under contract.

Contract Conting…

Listing your home? Consider a home inspection before marketing.

 Information provided by EFynch, a home improvement platform aiming to automate social media recommendations and provide community members with un-biased advice.

 April 28, 2019

Washington D.C: Getting ready to sell your home? Then you should also get ready for the home inspection which will undoubtedly return several items (some you might have not even known about).

This is inevitable and it  typically launches a new round of negotiations in which a list is provided and the buyer either asks for the repair to be performed, or concessions.


Your other option is to have the repairs performed yourself. Typically, the repairs stipulate the work must be carried out by a licensed and qualified contractor or tradesman. Forget DIY approach at this stage.  

So, we recommend taking a solid look at your home BEFORE putting it on the market. Get a jump start on repairs that you know will ultimately be performed in order to save time, money, and fru…

April Home Maintence Tips for anyone

April 15, 2019

Baltimore, MD: April is the time we can finally head outdoors. By the end of this month, 70 degrees will be normal, tulips will be in full bloom and the trees will be sporting leaves! If you are as excited about Spring as we are, you are probably ready to take home improvement outdoors!

Below are the monthly home owner tips from EFynch! All advice is designed for homeowner in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. *If you are new home buyer- we hope this can help you plan  your budget and get ready for home ownership!


1.  Okay to energize outdoor water spigots
The threat of hard freezes are over. We may still drop below freezing but it is safe to turn out outdoor plumbing. If it drops below freezing, you may want to turn faucets on a drip.

2. Change HVAC air filters
April is a bi-monthly air filter changing month. Your lungs will thank you. Don't skip this.

3. Inspect Gutters/ Downspouts
Because Gutters, they're not just for Autumn!

4. Cl…

New Program For Home Sellers: Make Repairs Now, Pay at Settlement

Baltimore based startup, is proud to announce the release of their latest program, Settle Rite by: EFynch. This program is design for Pre-Sale Home Repairs  and it offers home sellers the option to have repairs completed immediately but defer payment until settlement. Homesellers who might find a benefit in this program are typically those who are (1) preparing their homes for market, and/ or (2) performing inspection repairs required for settlement and, do not have the ability to pay for the work up front.

The impact of this program is described by company Co-Founder Teris Pantazes. "When a homeowner is in this position, paying for repairs can often be tough. Most homeowners are selling one home and either upgrading or downsizing" he says.  "Their credit must be protected and financing repairs which, can often run in the thousands of dollars, is not an option". Pantazes says the deferred payment program can help sellers protect both their credit and the…
March 13, 2018

For Immediate Release:

Baltimore City Tech Startup EFynch, Expanding Outside Baltimore.
After $2m in work, group eyes East Coast

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore City based SaaS startup has spent the past 2 years growing and refining their home improvement platform and the group is proud to announce their expansion plans into 3 neighboring cities.

What started as a simple “post your request to get competitive bids” and used an excel spreadsheet to track work has now morphed into an entire automated system that empowers even the newest homeowners in making informed decisions using bid collection, social network integration for recommendations, and escrow payment features to provides protection. In doing this, EFynch has helped nearly 2,000 Baltimore area projects be completed and now the group has turned part of their attention into neighboring markets, specifically Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and one other city to be announced on later this Spring.

Powered by several …

The Mid-Atlantic Nor'Easter, and why the time AFTER can be so dangerous

February 21, 2019  Regular Homeowner Advice for those in the Mid-Atlantic by:

Washington, D.C. Congratulations! You survived another Nor'Easter. If you've spent any time living in the Mid-Atlantic you are familiar with this term and what comes with it. 

For outsiders (especially those from areas like Buffalo, NY)- a Nor'Easter is just another time to let us know how much snow you had growing up and to question why cities from D.C. to Philly shut down for a "measly 6'"!

However, if you are from the Mid-Atlantic area (like us here at EFynch), you know it is so much more.

It's wintry mix! It's snow, it's rain, it's ice-  the weather people don't know what is coming. In fact, as I stood outside in yesterday's event there were a handful of times I even asked- what is this?. . . and that is in real time. . .  standing outside. . .

The fact remains, it's a frozen "something" that is unclassifiable. It coats streets in …