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July Maintenance Tips from EFynch: Monthly Schedule to save money and keep your home safe.

Happy Independence Day from EFynch:June Home Improvement Tips. It's June, it's hot, it's Summer in Baltimore and Washington D.C.:) 
Below are the monthly maintenance tips from EFynch- the handyman and home improvement, resource that helps you stay on tops of items that cost other homeowners in future damages.
Summer is a busy time in the home improvement industry. Many handymen and contractors are jammed pack but it is a good time to have small items taken care of- which will save money. Most Pros schedule bigger projects during these months. If you have a big project, you may have noticed it is hard to get on schedule. This makes the mark up on big projects greater during this time of year.
However, in between big projects, contractors struggle to fill the downtime. They have to either (1) mark up the prices of the big projects, or (2) find filler work.  
This is where EFynch excels. Not only can we help you find the pro that might have a few days for your projects, but we c…