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Now it's cold- BUT, what does your home think?

Now it's cold!- What is your home thinking?  Quick, no cost ways to winterize your home.  By: Well hello! Just like a thrown cup of cold water in the shower, the cold wind jolted me awake this morning while walking my dog at 5:30am.

Winter has descended on Maryland with a fury and it seems like just last week you could stroll around Baltimore with a light jacket.

If you haven't done so yet- you really need to make sure your home is winterized ASAP.

We surveyed Pros and Seasoned Homeowners for this one. Below are the most common tips to do immediately which all are NO COST:

Homeowner To Do List:

1. Winterize outdoor Faucets. (30 second video here)
2. Inspect roof and gutters (look for water pooling, leaks, damage) from both the outside and from inside your attic. *even if you had them cleaned, try to give it a quick look.
3. Winterize outdoor equipment: (power equipment and HVAC)*
4. Test and/ or get repairs to snowblowers now (not in January).*
5. Check smoke and C0…
Halftime Home Improvement Challenge:
By: EFynch

When I was younger I remember how Sundays revolved around football. Before any plan, project, trip, or visit was agreed too, the inevitable "what time is the game?" was always considered.

But during Football Sunday, there was always another fun time. . . Halftime.

Each Sunday, as halftime began, even before the players left the field, my Father and I were down in the garage. He already had a game plan in hand and there was always a task or challenge on our list to be that week's "Halftime Project".

These times are something that I remember to this day because we literally took a break from watching a team play on TV, to being a part of our own team. We had a challenge and more often then not, they were so much fun that our 15 minute project would stray to 20 minutes or longer. It was that worth it!

So without further ado, here is your guide to the Halftime Home Improvement Challenge.

1. Quick Painting Project.
What i…