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Maryland Realtor's Ministerial Act Limitations:

How does EFynch help Maryland Realtor's avoid the common missteps within Home Improvement.

Baltimore, MD:  In Maryland, Real Estate Agents are not allowed to perform more than a Ministerial Acts with regards to home improvement or handyman recommendations. According to our good friends at Maryland Realtors, a Ministerial act is any act that involves "the discretion and exercise of judgment by the licensee".

Wikipedia provides a good example by relating the definition of Ministerial Acts to a person who might hold a position within the government. Imagine you are at the Motor Vehicle Administration and are speaking with the clerk. We've all been in the position when we are requesting something and are told that our documents are incomplete. All jokes aside, let's assume the clerk is sincere and sympathetic because, they honestly cannot complete the process unless a full checklist is met. That individual doe not have the authority to perform the requested actions, n…

EFynch's Home Maintenance Tips for April, 2018

April is the time we can finally head outdoors. By the end of this month, 70 degrees will be somewhat normal. Tulips will be in full bloom and the trees will be sporting leaves! If you are as excited about Spring as we are, you are probably ready to take home improvement outdoors!

Below are the monthly home owner tips from EFynch! All advice is designed for homeowner in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. *If you are new home buyer- we hope this can help you plan  your budget and get ready for home ownership!


1.  Okay to energize outdoor water spigots
The threat of hard freezes are over. We may still drop below freezing but it is safe to turn out outdoor plumbing. If it drops below freezing, you may want to turn faucets on a drip.

2. Change HVAC air filters
April is a bi-monthly air filter changing month. Your lungs will thank you. Don't skip this.

3. Inspect Gutters/ Downspouts
Because Gutters, they're not just for Autumn!

4. Clean Yard, Fertilize, Mul…

Finding a Home Improvement Pro shouldn't come with a cost. EFynch is your community.

Information below is regarding EFynch, a Baltimore Handyman and Homeowner Community Website. "Home Improvement to the People!"
Baltimore, MD: Over the next few months, we are going to begin implementing EFynch 2.0. The idea is simple and based on our principal that finding someone in your own neighborhood shouldn't come with a price tag. Like it or not, other sites charge up to 40% to use, thus increasing the costs that our local handymen have to pay just to help a neighbor. This fee is simply wrong.
With the increase of data privacy concerns and the expansion of block-chain style reviews and verification, EFynch is going to be making some tremendous strides and we are thrilled that you are a part of the change that is coming from within.
One of the first refinements has already been launched. When posting a project, you can choose a category and categorize the job by Trade or select Fynchnest (which is licensed, criminal background checked contractors only).  When you sel…