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The Importance for Homeowners to Rate Contractors

Posted by: Baltimore Maryland Handyman Community,

Baltimore, MD: It is no mystery why hiring a handyman can be so stressful. Simply put, as homeowners, we never know if we are getting the right person or the right deal.

In this blog we've spoken about the problems and issues that have come from using Social Media, and some of our competitor sites. Not going into detail, but finding non-biased reviews and recommendations, and knowing that a contractor didn't pay to be "on top" or hide bad work is a top priority for homeowners. It is for EFynch as well, and that is why we have some of the toughest standards for customer reviews. But, however tough they may be, they are important and they are actually pretty easy to post.

Contractor's rely on your ratings and fellow homeowner and buyer rely on you shared experiences. We ask you to please consider this and rate/ review anyone you hire.

1. In order to review, you MUST use EFynch Escrow.
why: First, Escrow d…

Contractor's Note: Get Rated, Get More Jobs

May 31, 2018

Posted by: Baltimore Handyman Group,

Towson, MD: Most customers want to know they are hiring the right person for the job. There is simply no better way for them to gauge this then to see ACCURATE ratings of a potential handyman.

This is one area where EFynch is working the hardest to help you, and promote the good work that you are doing. Getting rated is pretty simple and below are quick tips.

*one average, contractors with an EFynch rating get picked 8 out of 10 times. They also fetch up to 20% higher rates.

1. You have to use EFynch Escrow to get rated. Only posting reviews from VERIFIED PROJECTS
is our policy. We are NEVER going to allow someone to "buy" reviews or pay for their way to the top. We simply are making sure all ratings are real.

2. Homeowners want communication. This is vital. Text, call, use the EFynch Homeowner Chat System (which we are upgrading this summer). Tell a homeowner you availability, send a confirmation the day before, text…

Rainy Day Ideas for Homeowner Tasks.

Baltimore, MD: As we face a rainy weekend here in Central Maryland and D.C., many of us homeowners are still looking to satisfy the desire to do  work and get your yard or home in order.

We are in the midst of a very strong period of rain and the ground is far too saturated and muddy for most types of yard work- even for those willing to bring out the yellow fisherman raincoats that are likely sitting in the back of our closets.

But, rest assure- Maryland's Handyman and Homeowner Community EFynch, has a list of great weekend DIY tasks that any homeowner can take, head on!

1. Paint an Accent Wall
For less than $30, you can buy a gallon of paint and basic paint roller. Find one single wall in your home and make an accent wall. Information on this season's trends can be found here. But, , , what if you don't like the color? For less than $30 you can paint it back!

2. Repair dirty & smeared walls
You see the wall everyday. The wear and tear can go unnoticed unless…

The Big Fuzzy Bumble Bee- What are they? Do they Hurt? How to Kill them.

 EFynch is a handyman and homeowner community board based in Baltimore, Maryland. We provide advice, guidance, and help facilitate communications so, as a homeowner, you can manage any project like a pro!

(Baltimore, MD) Every spring my home is flooded with big, bumbling, furry, clumsy bees. It literally looks like the early stages of some biblical catastrophe.

When I first saw them, I didn't know what to do. They'd swarm, swoop, dive, and worst of all- they were living behind my gutters and in my deck digging holes in the wood!

I immediately turned to social media where, just as expected, I received a host of conflicting information in which each respondent was more sure than the previous one. So, I rolled up my sleeves, put on my reading glasses and after intense research I compiled the information below and I hope this helps.

Grab your tennis rackets and a can of WD-40, because we're in for a wild safari!

1. What are they?
They are commonly known as wood bees, carpenter be…

Monthly Home Tips from EFynch. Advice from the neighborhood Handyman


Baltimore, MD: If you are new to home ownership, one of the first important lessons is that proper home maintenance requires regular and consistent attention.

Each month EFynch publishes a list of tasks to help take care of your home. We designed a plan that if followed, your home maintenance should be fully covered each year. Having this organized list helps stay up to date while scheduling each chore can make sure that (1) you never forget it, and (2) when it comes time to work, you don't get overwhelmed.

Rule No. 1: Minor maintenance prevents major problems. 

- Inspect the exterior of your home. This bi-monthly ritual can help you identify problems before they grow too large. Periodically we recommend you walk around your entire property and give it a focused once over. You want to look at every inch including: Windows, caulking, gutters, fascia board, roof, shingles, shutters, concrete, deck posts, siding, , , anything you can think of. 

Pay attention and this tim…