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January 22, 2019

EFynch: Mid Atlantic Homeowner Advice

Upper Marlboro, MD: As we face another Polar Vortex here in Maryland/ D.C., you might hear the groans from EFynch faithful because we all know what to expect in upcoming heating bills.

Well, there is a partial solution and it is actually older than the modern home itself. You can do it. . . right now. .. . . . and it probably will not cost you more than a few calories in our 3 step process.

STEP 1: Throw your blankets aside, get out of bed and stand up

STEP 2: Walk to you window (refrain from yelling obscenities at Old Man Winter, with the leaves off the trees, sound travels).

STEP 3: Close your curtains

.  .  .  that's it.

Did you know that your home heating system can use up to 70% of your winter energy requirements? We all know that lowering the thermostat can help (consider this as a potential "Step 4") but the simple act of closing your curtains helps to keep in heat and out the cold. The thicker your curtains the better.

The only time you might want to consider keeping them open is for southern facing windows which might allow solar radiation in during the day. This helps with heating (especially if you have hard surfaces like ceramic tile).

FUN FACT: This also works during the summer in keeping your home cool. Close curtains during the day to keep the solar radiation out.

The information above was provided by EFynch and Construction KAT.
 - EFynch is a homeowner community and project bid board. With EFynch you can post a project and get multiple bids with no sales. Privacy is protected and you save up to 40%.
- Construction KAT is a Baltimore based handyman and home renovation company that focuses on rehabbing distressed properties.

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