One Free & Easy Trick You Need To Perform Before Selling Your Home

June 5th, 2019

By: Settle Rite Pre Sale Home Improvement

Arlington, VA: We live in our homes and within the beauty we see, we also recognize the practicality of what it is. Kids toys, keepsakes, and even that water glass from 2 nights ago might be overlooked, but to a potential purchaser it is C-L-U-T-T-E-R!

The "For Sale Playroom" that does not exist in reality

Every day we live in our rooms and it is easy to see beyond some things that are offensive to others.

When we speak with Realtors, often their toughest pre sale challenge is working with homesellers to de-clutter their homes. They make lists, do a walk through, and often sellers go "back and forth" trying to decide what should be removed vs. what might add character.

Clutter is a huge issue and it not only reduces the number of offers on your home, it will also reduce potential offers value.

Who knew, a snow globe collection might cost your a few thousand $$$?

Well we have a single tip that can help you reduce clutter, live cleaner, and minimize the risk of the "CLUTTER LOW BALL"!

What looks normal to us, is clutter to a home buyer

Ladies and Gentlemen---- it's time to pull our your smartphone!

Wait until a sunny day and take a stroll around your home taking pictures. Play real estate photographer, even experiment with filters. What you are trying to do is look at every room/ closet/ living space with fresh eyes and through the lens of a home buyer. 

Taking pictures not only shows you what a homebuyer first sees in you eventual listing, but it also helps to separate you from the "real world" of what you see as normal, and view spaces from the 3rd person (if that is possible).

We  recommend that every homeowner make this a ritual in listing their homes. In fact, we think you should even make this pre-sale must that you perform before having the Realtor over to your home. . . even invite a good friend for a extra boost of "3rd person advice"! 

Taking extensive and critical pictures before listing your home for sale will help improve the value. When your Realtor comes through, they will be able to offer advice and it also helps to have your home in it's best shape in order to get the best advice from those who know whats best.

Perfectly Staged

We hope this information helps you in your pre-sale chores and helps ease the process of selling your home. Settle Rite is a Washington D.C. & Baltimore area Pre-Sale Home Improvement Specialist, we offer home inspection repairs with deferred payments that relieve your of the financial stress until closing (no payments until closing). EFynch is a Baltimore based Freelance Home Improvement Platform that promotes their community of homeowners, handyman, and contractors and allows you to tap into your social network for contractor recommendations via their project and job posting board.

A lived in home is a happy home, unless it is for sale.

Even the garage is under scrutiny

Nice, but cluttered

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