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When mounting a tv, it is important to get it right. After all, that new flat screen is a big investment and no matter if it is on drywall, brick, above your fireplace, on plaster, or even outside, strict care and professionalism is needed to make sure you have it mounted right. Each flat screen tv is different depending on the manufacturer and each mount is different. 

All of these factors add together and make a little bit of a Tetris game when installing your tv on the wall. And guess what? One wrong move and you might have something that does not fit perfectly on your wall. . . And do you want that with your brand new installed tv?

Many homeowner and tenants (for apartments) have a lot to think about and consider when mounting your tv on the wall. 

For example: in Maryland installing a tv does not require a license. So if you are installing that TV in Bowie, are you going to trust a tv installer who might not be able to cover the cost if your tv falls and breaks?  Make sure your tv mounting professional is licensed and insured, such as the one we are linking above. 

In Denver, many of the homes are new. If you are installing a tv in Denver, choose to have the tv mounted by someone who knows the difference between fast framing and traditional framing. These factors can play a major role, especially for homes in areas like Boulder or Broomfield Colorado because those towns have had a number of new homes and apartments build recently. You cannot mount a tv to a piece of Sheetrock unless there is a good solid backing for the weight of the tv to be installed on. 

Professional tv mounting Installed

How about Austin, Texas? We found several new mounting locations which utilized steel studs, especially apartment buildings. When mounting a TV in Austin, Texas, a professional like Austin’s TV Mount & Installation is needed. 

And our final word of caution for homeowner and apartment renters is an example we ran into in Salt Lake City Utah. Over in Utah, there are a number of new apartment renters that had issues with their landlords and making sure your tv was mounted properly and removed upon moving out. For some reason in Utah, the standard for rental property owners was for landlords to really be sticklers on this, as if nobody was every going to mount at in the same location again, they wanted the tv uninstalled and the walls patched as if the flat screen tv was never mounted before. That is why we recommend Salt Lake City TV Installer as a great professional tv mounting organization. 

So if you’ve made the decision to mount your TV, there is a lot to think about. Spend some time speaking to your professional tv installer and make sure you get the best service and have something that is guaranteed to protect your investment. 

For a list of our favorite tv brands, click here.  And make sure you use a licensed tv mounting company. That is very important. 

Quick Preview:

Our favorite tv brands include

Samsung tv- they make great thin framed tvs with a high value for great picture quality. We also like their curved tvs and the TV Frame. Which gives you a hanging art image for your mounted tv, when it is not in use. 

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