EFynch launches a homeowner project management tool: helps homeowners take control

Baltimore, MD: Here at EFynch.com, we are proud to announce the launching of the first in a series of updates aimed to to make your home improvement and maintenance projects more efficient and controlled.

The EFynch "Work Nest" is an online work room where once you've initiated the EFynch Escrow, both homeowners and contractors can easily chat/ text, and link their schedules, payment information, and discuss strategies to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The Nest is also a place that will be saved in each users dashboard so when required in the future, documents and warranty information can be accessed and a homeowner can forward this to a new home pro, or re-engage the previous service provider.

A full list of tasks for the Work Nest include:
- Chat
- Text
- Scheduling
- Document Storage
- Invite housemates/ real estate professionals
- Send updates
- and a few more.

Don't forget, in order to keep our rating system 100% verified, the only way to rate a contractor is to use EFynch Escrow.

But wait. . . . There's More! COMING SOON
1. Social Media Integration: Get a friends recommendation without publicly posting, all identities will be further verified via Facebook.
2. Learn and hire based on personal preferences- "Netflix" style, personalized rating that gauges your job, budget, and hiring preferences to highlight bid respondents who fit within your expectations.

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